Restore Function With Full Mouth Reconstruction

Our doctors can repair severely compromised smiles with a customized procedure that combines several restorative treatments. We can explain all of your options for full mouth reconstruction during a consultation at our Statesboro,GA, practice, and recommend a treatment plan that can restore your oral health and the confidence in your smile.

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Full mouth reconstruction restores the comfort, functionality, and health of your smile.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The purpose of full mouth reconstruction is the complete restoration of every aspect of your bite and smile. This plan will always involve the combination of two or more restorative procedures, and many patients choose to incorporate cosmetic treatments as well.

Dr. McGibony will carefully assess the state of your smile to determine the right approach to restoring your bite, your health, and your confidence.

Are You a Candidate?          

If you have multiple oral health concerns that need to be addressed, you may be a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction. Patients who desire treatments requiring oral surgery must be healthy enough to receive local or general anesthesia. Patients with heart conditions or certain autoimmune diseases may not be good candidates for some of the procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction, such as dental implants. Our dentists will perform an in-depth assessment of your health to determine which treatments are most appropriate.

Planning Treatment

Full mouth reconstruction can involve several procedures performed at once or in phases, depending on the type and extent of work that you require. We will plan your treatment by conducting a comprehensive oral, head, and neck exam, which will include taking digital x-rays or other imaging studies. This exam will provide us with a complete understanding of which procedures you will need to undergo to achieve the desired outcome, and help to establish an accurate timeline for treatment.

Full mouth reconstruction involves combining procedures, commonly including:

  • Periodontal treatment – If gum disease is present, periodontal treatment must be administered prior to other procedures.
  • Dental implants - Titanium posts can be used to replace lost tooth roots and provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth.
  • Dental crowns - These tooth-shaped caps can restore teeth that have been compromised by trauma or decay, or replace single missing teeth when attached to a dental implant.
  • Bridges - If you are missing one or more teeth, a bridge (also called a partial denture) is commonly recommended.
  • Bone grafting – Following tooth loss, the jawbone tissue may begin to recede. The most optimal solution is to place a bone graft and a dental implant. This combination restores and maintains the jaw, while providing the strongest support for dental restorations.
  • Dental fillings - If you have minor to moderate cavities, tooth-colored fillings can restore your teeth while providing a natural-looking appearance.

Depending on the amount of work that has been planned, full mouth reconstruction can take several months to over a year. Patients who elect to undergo full mouth reconstruction can expect to be thoroughly informed of their treatment timeline, and what procedures each session will entail.

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