Maintain a Healthy Smile with General Dentistry


Along with Invisalign®, our team offers additional orthodontic options. Although our doctors do not place metal braces, they do provide several types of retainers for more moderate orthodontic issues. We can replace old retainers, including both Hawley retainers with a metal wire and clear Essix® retainers. We can also place a space maintainer if your child loses a baby tooth too early. This device will prevent your child's permanent teeth from erupting in the wrong positions.

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy may be the best solution if you have developed a dental infection. First, your doctor will remove bacteria and infected pulp from the inside of your tooth and root canal. Then he or she will fill your tooth with a rubber compound to seal it off and prevent further infection. Finally, he will place a custom-made dental crown over the affected tooth. Root canal therapy can significantly reduce your discomfort, save the healthy part of your tooth, and prevent damage to surrounding teeth.

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Periodontal Care

The health of your gums can affect the health of your entire body. Dr. McGibony & Associates is widely considered to have one of the best periodontal programs in the area. Our hygienist has undergone extensive training to provide you with top-quality care. Scaling and root planing, or a deep cleaning, is one of the most effective treatments for gum disease. We will often combine these treatments with Arestin® antibiotics to destroy bacteria completely. At routine intervals, we will perform a periodontal probe to monitor your condition and help you avoid gum surgery. 

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder can cause jaw and facial pain, popping and grinding when you open your mouth, and even headaches. This condition is a common concern among both children and adults. If you suffer from TMJ disorder, your jaw joints have become damaged or inflamed. This may be the result of structural damage to the joints, or due to dental misalignment or chronic clenching and grinding. We offer two types of oral devices to relieve your symptoms and treat TMJ disorder.

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Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), our simple yet effective snore guards may help you get the full night’s rest you deserve. OSA is the result of your soft palate, throat, and tongue collapsing while you are asleep. This keeps air from flowing naturally. The condition can cause loud snoring and interrupt your sleep hundreds of times over the course of a night. Our snore guards will reposition your lower jaw while you sleep to tighten sagging tissue and keep your airways open.

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Preventive Dentistry

We offer several preventive treatments to reduce your risk for dental decay and related concerns. Exams and cleanings twice a year are important for all ages. During routine cleanings, your hygienist will eliminate oral bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Then Dr. McGibony or one of his associates will check for cavities, gum disease, and misalignment. For more accurate diagnoses, your dentist will use advanced digital x-rays for a detailed view of your mouth. We also provide sealants and fluoride treatments, which are ideal for younger patients.

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UA ArmourBite® Mouthguards

Under Armour (UA) ArmourBite® mouthguards are specifically designed for athletes. Like occlusal guards, they can prevent clenching and reduce pressure on your teeth. It is easy to speak and breathe while you are wearing these devices, and there are different types of mouthguards available for various sports. There are devices for athletes who play contact sports, as well as golfers, swimmers, and runners. We take impressions of your teeth to create a custom mouthguard that will conform to your teeth for a comfortable fit. 

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Oral Cancer Screening

When your doctor or dentist detects oral cancer in its early stages, you will typically have a very good outlook. For this reason, routine exams are important. At each exam, your doctor will conduct a visual scan to look for lesions or inflammation. If he sees anything unusual, he will then use our advanced VELscope® oral cancer screener. This device will measure the natural levels of fluorescence in your soft tissues. An abnormally high level could indicate cancer. In this case, we will typically order a biopsy for a conclusive diagnosis.

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Sports Dentistry

Our doctors are specially trained in sports dentistry to prevent, diagnose and treat oro-facial injuries resulting from blunt trauma. Student sports organizations and the American Dental Association recommend mouth guards for all participants in contact sports and other potentially dangerous athletic activities. Sports dentistry works to help prevent dental trauma and ora-facial injury by providing information and supplying custom-fitted protective guards. We also offer emergency appointments to treat injured athletes.

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